Grants for Graduate Students' Experimental Projects

C.E.L.S.S. awards grants for graduate students who wish to conduct experiments in the lab on a semester basis.

Students who consider applying for the grants should review information for researchers here. Failure to comply with any rules (from C.E.L.S.S, ORSEE and IRB) will result in the withdrawal of the grant.


Applicants must be advanced doctoral students at Columbia.

Required documents

The application must include:

  1. An experimental proposal with a proposed budget
  2. The applicant’s CV
  3. One faculty advisor’s endorsement

The proposal should outline briefly the basic rationale of the research, the question under study, the relevance of an experiment to the project, and the experimental procedures. Its maximum length is 1,000 words, excluding bibliography.

The maximum budget is $1,000. However, if the application concerns a brand-new experimental project, we strongly recommend you to apply for a seed grant of $500 or less for a pilot experiment. Upon successful completion of the pilot, a summary of preliminary results and a new budget can be submitted requesting an additional $500. The bulk of the budget should be payments to experimental subjects, in line with C.E.L.S.S’ rule [link to Experiments/Researchers]. Additional miscellaneous expenses linked to the experiment, such as printing, can be included. Exceptions to the $1,000 limit can be requested but must be strongly motivated. Applications for more than $1,000 have a low probability of acceptance.


Applications will be evaluated competitively by a committee composed of faculty in Economics, Political Science, and the Business School. The committee retains the discretion to allocate fewer funds than requested.


The applicant should save the required documents electronically in a single compressed folder, and send them to the lab manager at The title of the e-mail should be “Application for CELSS Funding” and the name of the compressed folder should be “LastnameFirstname_CelssFundingApp”.


Application deadlines for each semester will be posted on the main page during the application period.

Later applications may be considered on a rolling basis, depending on funds’ availability.


Questions concerning this call for proposal and the use of the lab can be addressed to the lab manager at .


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