Schedule IAB Room 270B

Schedule IAB Room 270B

In 2016, we renovated our conference room with brand new A/V equipment. Our room includes a podium with built-in computer, connecting to a 65" TV. Also available is a wall-mounted camera and embedded speakers and microphones in the ceiling for video conferencing. As with other university e-rooms, you have the option to plug in your laptop to display on the TV.

Please fill out this form to reserve ISERP room 270B. It is reserved on a first-come first-serve basis. ISERP affiliates can use the room at no extra cost. Other groups may reserve the room for a fee. Our 2016 fee is $400 for the full day, and $200 for a half day (half day minimum). 



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If an event repeats irregularly, please provide the exact dates (and times, if different than above) for which reservations are required in the comments box below. If there are exceptions to a regularly repeating event, please indicate that, as well.
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Please check any technology resources you will require for this event. If you select any, we will contact you separately to confirm. Note that there is a built-in computer in the room connected to the screen.
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