Workshop on Data Science and Conflict

October 25, 2019


Northwest Corner Building Conference room 1401

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Workshop on Data Science and Conflict

October 25, 2019

Data Science Institute, Columbia University

Workshop location:

Northwest Corner Building conference room 1401 (14th floor)

Corner of Broadway and 120th streets

Please RSVP by emailing Tamar Mitts (

In the past several years we’ve seen a dramatic increase in the availability of large data sources that are relevant to the study of conflict around the world. Granular information on violent events, high frequency social media data on protest mobilization, and image and video data on violent propaganda are now widely available for researchers to use. This workshop brings together scholars who work at the intersection of conflict and data science (broadly defined) to present their research, discuss opportunities and limitations of these new tools, and provide feedback on current projects. The conference will also provide networking opportunities, a platform for generating new project ideas, and a place for graduate students to get exposed to cutting-edge work using computational social science to study political violence. We are thrilled to have the following participants: Connor Hu↵ (Rice University), Richard Nielsen (MIT), Jennifer Pan (Stanford), Molly Roberts (UCSD), Jacob Shapiro (Princeton), Alexandra Siegel (Stanford), Zachary Steinert-Threlkeld (UCLA), Austin Wright (Chicago), and Thomas Zeitzo↵ (American University).

Please RSVP by emailing Tamar Mitts ( Space is limited.

Sponsored by the Institute for Social and Economic Research and Policy (ISERP)


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