NSF Templates and Guides


There is no single template for the project description. However, the templates below will assist you in preparing your biosketch, collaborators list, and data management plan according to NSF guidelines. For each, use at least 11-point Times New Roman font and maintain 1 inch margins. Remember to number your pages, even if the document is only 1 page.

NSF Biosketch NSF Biosketch Template 2016.doc

Using this format will ensure that you have all of the required information. Keep in mind that products listed must be citable and accessible. The biosketch is limited to 2 pages.

NSF Collaborators https://www.nsf.gov/bfa/dias/policy/coa.jsp

NSF uses the collaborators information when selecting reviewers. Pay attention to the time frames listed - some conflicts last a lifetime, whereas others do not.

NSF Data Management NSF Data Management Plan.doc

NSF requries a data management plan for each proposal. You can find additional information on writing a DMP under Resources, which will direct you to the Libraries' page. There are also RASCAL trainings designed to help you with your data managment needs. This document is meant to be a guide, but it is not a template, so do not respond to any of the questions with "N/A."

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