How To's

Submit Casual Employee Timesheets

Fill out your timesheet (here is a blank timesheet):

  • Submit your completed signed, and supervisor approved timesheet to ISERP biweekly on Thursdays by 5:00 PM: Place it in the Timesheets tray on the right-hand side of suite 370.     


  • Email your approved scanned timesheet to ISERP Hiring ( Important: Make sure to include the email with your supervisor’s approval, if you did not get their signature in person! We cannot process time sheets without approval. Incomplete or unapproved timesheets may result in delayed payment.

You may wish to prepare a master time sheet that lists all of the information that will remain constant (Name, Department, ChartString, etc).

If you do not submit timesheets, you will not be paid! In addition, our financial system will automatically terminate your appointment. Thus, if you find yourself submitting time sheets en masse after several pay periods have passed, you will have to be rehired as an employee,  delaying your paycheck.

Set up Direct Deposit

ISERP will notify you after your appointment has been entered into the Payroll system, along with instructions on how to set up direct deposit. You can also find them here. ISERP strongly recommends you to set up Direct Deposit, as it allows for a much faster and more secure payment. If you do not set up direct deposit, you will pick up your paper checks in room 370F IAB after being notified via email. Please bring ID when you sign out your check.

Apply for a SSN

Student Visa Holders Only:

  1. Request the Social Security Verification form from ISERP at
  2. Collect ISSO’s signature on the bottom portion of the form U.S. Citizens and Student Visa Holders.
  3. Assemble the SSN application package, according to the guidelines of the The Social Security Administration.
  4. Apply in person at the Social Security Administration. You will receive a receipt notice, of which ISERP needs a copy to include in your appointment file.
  5. Once you received your Social Security Number in the mail, bring the card to the ISERP office so we can update your records. Do not send the card via email! You will also need to update your tax forms to include the new SSN.

End an Assignment Early 

If you find yourself in a situation where you cannot complete your assignment as expected, please notify your PI via email as soon as possible, and copy ISERP on this message.


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