Wealth and Inequality Seminar Series



Center for Wealth and Inequality (CWI) Seminar Series

Department of Sociology

Knox Hall Rm 509 | 2:00 p.m. 

Fall 2017 Schedule

The interdisciplinary Seminar Series on Wealth and Inequality takes as its mission the investigation of income and wealth, along with exploring the dimensions of societal inequality in these household resources. Topics encompass issues of poverty, labor market behavior, public transfer programs and tax policy, in that each has a clear relevance to economic inequality, family resources, and to living standards.



Sept. 21: 

Rajashri Chakrabarti, Senior Economist, Microeonomic Studies Function, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, 

"Getting Ahead by Spending More? Local Government Response to State Merit Aid Programs”

Oct. 5: 

Christian Moser, Columbia University, Business School

"Earnings Inequality and the Minimum Wage: Evidence from Brazil"

Oct. 12: 

Amy Hsin,  Department of Sociology, Queens College, City University of New York

"The Effects of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals on the Educational Outcomes of Undocumented Students"

Oct. 19: 

Nathan, J Kelly,  Department of Political Science, University of Tennessee

"America's Inequality Trap: The Inequality Reinforcing Effects of Status Quo Bias and Inegalitarian Policymaking"

Oct. 26: 

Brian Powell,   Department of Sociology, University of Indiana

"Who Should Pay?  Higher Education, Responsibility and the Public."

Nov. 9: 

Paula England,  Department of Sociology, NYU

"Increases in Sex with Same-Sex Partners Across U.S. Cohorts Born 1920-1998: How Gender and Racial Inequality Affect Trends" 

Nov 16: 

Joshua Cowen,  Department of Educational Administration, Michigan State University

"A War on Teachers? Labor Market Responses to Statewide Reform”

Nov 30:

 Siwei Cheng, Department of Sociology, NYU

"Mobility Optimism Revisited: The Paradox of Americans' Perceptions of Intergenerational Mobility." 


All talks are free and open to the public. Light refreshments are served at each talk.  

Faculty Sponsor: 

Thomas DiPrete

Giddings Professor of Sociology and Co-Director of ISERP


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