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About ISERP Start-Up Centers Proposals

About ISERP Start-Up Centers

ISERP seeks proposals for Start-Up Centers.  The goal is to bring together one or more teams to work together for one or more months in a common space toward a common goal.  This is a new initiative with the intention to support a project that cannot be accomplished in a conference and that could lead to a larger, longer-term initiative, such as a new center, a research program/laboratory, or a degree-granting program. ISERP’s Start-Up Centers have the following goals:

  • To demonstrate both the value and feasibility of the stated goal, whether through submitted research papers, applications for large-scale external funding, a model curriculum and syllabus, or the creation of shared resources (such as datasets, software, or website).
  • To show both intellectual merit and policy relevance.


Teams should include multiple faculty members, with at least some of them, including the PI, based in a social science department or SIPA.  Multidisciplinary teams are encouraged, but not required. Start-up Center proposals will not provide salary support, including summer salary, for faculty members. 

Applicants are invited (though not required) to include participants from outside Columbia, but anyone who receives funding should spend at least part of the period on campus.

Teams should work together during the funded period in a shared physical space on the Morningside campus that can accommodate all participants. ISERP will provide that space if it is not otherwise available.


One (1) Year.  The Start-Up Center should take place over the next academic year. Depending on the project, the funding could support two phases (such as a shorter workshop either at the beginning or the end.) 

Budgets for ISERP Start-Up Centers

ISERP Start-up Center funding is limited to funding direct program costs and creating incentives for work that would not happen otherwise.  If you would like to discuss your budget prior to submission of the Start-Up Centers application, please contact ISERP.

Funding Timeline and Reporting

Start-up Center recipients may be asked to submit an interim report and/or an oral presentation, which will help ISERP in developing and publicizing this program.  At the conclusion of funded activities, the PI will be required to submit a final report together with copies of all deliverables specified in the proposal for review by the ISERP Executive Committee.

Social Science faculty who receive ISERP Start-up Center funding and as a result apply for external grants are required to run their grants through ISERP.   Investigators should acknowledge ISERP’s support in any activities, papers, publications, or reports resulting from start-up funds.

ISERP Executive Committee members will review and make decisions on the proposals.


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