The Institute for Social and Economic Research and Policy (ISERP) is closed in accordance with the University’s COVID-19 policy.  Please click here for additional information and guidance for students, affiliates, and employees.

Meals & Alcohol

Expenses for meals for an individual away on approved University business or among University personnel or peer groups (consisting of research collaboration or administrative meetings) should not exceed $25 for breakfast, $35 for lunch, and $75 for dinner, not including tips or tax.

Expenses for business meals involving certain external parties for fundraising, recruitment or speaking engagements (hosted and paid for by a University employee and attended by business colleagues, donors, students, or prospective employees, which result in a business benefit to the University) should not exceed $150 per person, not including tips or tax. 

For all meals involving two or more individuals, document the business purpose, names of the attendees (if over 10 people, the number of attendees), and the relationship (to the University) of the attendees.

Please note when any alcohol is purchased or included on a meal receipt to segregate this when reporting. Save all meal itemized receipts and submit them to your department.  


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