QMSS Hire Request Form

QMSS Hire Request Form

Please fill out this form for QMSS specific hires



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Your UNI
What position are you hiring the student for?
Please choose an anticipated start date. Please note that start and end dates may be affected by the specific candidate's situation, and ISERP can further advise on this once we have reviewed the request. No candidate should begin work until having first completed all required hire paperwork with ISERP.
If known, an anticipated end date.
Through which Columbia School is the student enrolled?
What degree is the student pursuing at Columbia?
Please provide a sentence or two explaining the specific responsibilities of the role
Hourly rate for student casuals only. Payment (hourly vs salary) will vary depending on the specific candidate's situation. ISERP can further advise on this once we have reviewed the request.
Are the combo codes split evenly? If not, please include a percentage for each - e.g. combo code 1: 80%. combo code 2: 20%.
If the I-9 completion is unknown, please explain the I-9 status in the "additional comments" box below.
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