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Request SFTP account

Request SFTP account

Please fill out this form to request SFTP account credentials. We will get back to you, usually within two business days, with your Secure FTP acount details. 



If you are requesting an extension, please click the link below instead
We will use your mobile phone for two factor authentication when sharing the account password.
The name or working title of your project. If no title, a very brief description of the work you are performing.
What type of data are you using this SFTP server for? (Please refer to the data classification policy if you are unsure)
How large is the data you are transferring? (An upper-bound estimate is fine.) Anything up to 10GB is automatically approved, if you require more than 10GB we will contact you for further details.
Other than yourself, please list who else, both inside and outside of CU, will have access to this SFTP account. Please be as detailed as you can, i.e. full names, titles, departments & organizations of everyone who will be given the SFTP account credentials. If you are unsure of specific people, a department & institution name is fine. Example: Eric Vlach, Sr Systems Administrator, Arts & Sciences IT, Columbia University.
By default, anyone on the hard-wired columbia network (128.59.x.x) can connect to the server. Please list any IP addresses / ranges that require access to this server. (e.g. your home IP address; the IP address range of the third party.) To find your current IP address, do a google search for "What's my IP address?" Note that your IP address may change from time to time. If you are unsure, reach out to
Starting today, please indicate how long you need the account for (32 days max). You may request an extension before the 32 days are up if you need more time. Accounts are usually provisioned within 2 business days.
Account Terms: By requesting an SFTP account, you will be given a unique username & password on one of our SFTP servers. Due to data security requirements, the SFTP servers are setup so that during your requested account time, yours will be the only active account, and only your username & password will allow access. Your account will be active only for the duration you specify on this form, after which the account will be disabled AND ALL DATA WILL BE SECURELY AND PERMANENTLY DELETED. You agree that this SFTP server is to be used only as a means of temporary transfer of data between outside institutions and endpoints at Columbia University, and is not intended as storage, backup, archive, or any other type of data repository. You understand that anyone you share your username & password with will have full access to all data uploaded to this server, we make no limits to who can access the server as long as they have the correct login credentials and their IP address is within the approved list. THE DATA IS ONLY AS SECURE AS THE CREDENTIALS ARE. SHARE WITH CARE!


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