Detlef Mertins Lecture on the Histories of Modernity delivered by Jay Cephas

February 21, 2022
6:30 pm ET


Avery Hall, 1172 Amsterdam Ave., New York, NY 10027

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The Detlef Mertins Lecture on the Histories of Modernity delivered by Jay Cephas, Assistant Professor of the History and Theory of Architecture at Princeton University School of Architecture.

Jay Cephas is an historian of architecture, landscapes, and cities conducting research that explores the relationships between labor, technology, and identity in the built environment. Jay analyzes both ordinary and critical spatial practices to recover the latent and as of yet invisible knowledges that are transmitted through the bodies and buildings of urban environments. In his forthcoming book, Jay deploys these frameworks to examine the agonism structuring Fordism and urbanization in early twentieth-century Detroit. Jay’s latest research project turns to New York City to address the knowledge transfer occurring between visionary architects and labor activists in their joint efforts to create cooperative housing.

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