Religion and the History of Black Music: 2010s–Present

August 04, 2021
6:00 - 7:00PM


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Religion and the History of Black Music

From the Rise of Gospel to the Reign of Hip Hop

May 26 – August 4, 2021


Religion and the History of Black Music: 2010s–Present

Wednesday, August 4th, 2021

6:00PM–7:00PM ET


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Wrapping up the series, the final conversation features a discussion with Professor Sorett and Dartmouth Professor Joshua Bennett around place of religion and spirituality in Hip Hop music over the last decade.


Religion and the History of Black Music Series

Join Josef Sorett, Professor of Religion and African American and African Diaspora Studies at Columbia University, for this six-part series run in coordination with two Columbia Summer Session courses: Gospel Music in Modern America and Religion and the History of Hip Hop.

The series brings together scholars, musicians, media workers, and fans for a discussion of the evolving role of religion in shaping the history of Black music. Each Wednesday will be organized around a selection of songs that guests will discuss as a means for thinking about the play between religion and music during a specific moment in time.

For full details and information, please visit the Religion and History of Black Music Series website.

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