Frequently Asked Questions - Grants

The description and instructions below go along with the image below. (Please click on the image below to see it in full size as you read this guide)

  1. Total Direct Expense > Project Budget: This value represents the budget allotted for direct expenses on your account. Please note: depending on the payment schedule for the award this may only reflect a portion of the overall project budget.
  2. Total Direct Expense > Actual to Date Month: Any transactions that occurred in the given month being reported on will be reflected in this column. If there was any spending that occurred on your account in the given month, a PDF of the detailed spending by category will be attached for your review. 
  3. Total Direct Expense > Balance Before Commitment: This line reflects your available balance before any commitments such as Open Vouchers and Encumbrances and (more details below). 
  4. Total Direct Expenses > Encumbrance: Please refer to any category where the "encumbrance" column is populated. This reflects a commitment (usually a Purchase Order or salary) for that category. 
  5. Total Direct Expenses > Accruals or Open Vouchers: Please refer to any category where the "open vouchers" column is populated. This reflects pending reimbursements and/or invoices for that category.
  6. Total Direct Expenses > Budget Balance Available: This value reflects your available balance after Encumbrances, Open Vouchers and Salary/Fringe totals. It includes all PO's, commitments, reimbursements, salary charges. This column most accurately reflects the available balance left to spend on the account. 
  7. Current F&A Base and Rate: The indirect cost rate being charged on the award. 

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