Casual Employees


Undergraduate Students: Full-time undergraduate students with a valid work authorization can be hired as Casual Students to work on research and/or administrative tasks.

Graduate Students: Full-time graduate students with a valid work authorization can be hired to exclusively work on administrative duties.

Students must have an appointment before they can start working. In addition, all Columbia employees must have a valid U.S. work authorization and a Social Security Number (SSN). International students who do not have a SSN, can request a Social Security Verification Form from ISERP to apply for a number with the Social Security Administration.

Appointment Limits

Casuals may not exceed 560 hours or 4 months in a given 12-month period, and can hold more than one causal appointment as long as they do not exceed the number of hours allowed. Students may only work up to a combined total of 20 hours per week at Columbia during the academic year. The allowable hours may vary for Student Visa Holders, please confirm with the International Students and Scholars Office for the hours you are allowed to work.  

Appointment Checklist

Short-Term Casual - Hire Checklist


These positions are paid by the hour, and students must submit timesheets approved by their supervisor every two weeks in order to be paid. Find out here how to submit your timesheet. Please note that incomplete or unapproved timesheets may result in delayed payment. ISERP highly recommends hired students to set up Direct Deposit, or you will need to pick up your paper checks in room 370F IAB after being notified via email. Please bring ID when you sign out your check.

Benefits and Leaves

Please refer to Columbia’s Benefits Department for guidance and information on your benefits. You can contact the Benefits Center at:

Telephone:   212-851-7000
Secure Fax:  212-851-7025

Mailing Address: 615 West 131st Street, Mail code 8703
                            Studebaker Building, 4th Floor
                            New York, NY 10027


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