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Timothy Shenk

Graduate Student




Tim graduated with honors in history from Columbia College in 2007. At Columbia, he chaired the College's Academic Awards Committee, served as Opinion Editor and Managing Editor of The Columbia Daily Spectator, and was founding Editor of The Eye, a weekly magazine published by the Spectator. From 2007 to 2009, Tim attended the University of Cambridge on a Kellett Fellowship. He received a MPhil in Historical Studies with distinguished performance for a dissertation on "Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, and The New-York Tribune, 1851-1861." Tim was also a Prize Research Student at the Centre for History and Economics and winner of a Mellon Prize Research Grant. In 2008, he began work on a biography of Maurice Dobb, an English economist, historian, and Communist.

At Columbia, where he is studying on a Jacob K. Javits Fellowship, Tim is writing a dissertation, tentatively titled “Inventing the American Economy, 1917-1981,” that examines the emergence of the economy as a subject of economic knowledge and object of policy intervention over the twentieth century. The project grows out of a larger concern with braiding together political economy with the history of the political. Tim is also interested in the relationship between history and other disciplines in the humanities and social sciences—more specifically, with using history to enrich social theory.


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