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Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences

Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences (QMSS) is an innovative, flexible, interdisciplinary social science Master of Arts degree program at Columbia University that focuses on quantitative research techniques and strategies. The program integrates the perspectives and research methods of six social science disciplines: EconomicsHistoryPolitical SciencePsychologySociology, and Statistics

QMSS provides students with rigorous training in quantitative research, with an emphasis on written and oral communication about research techniques and findings. These skills prepare QMSS graduates to enter (or further) an analytical or research career or to continue their education in a PhD program. 

Having drawn students in varied fields from more than 30 countries, QMSS students bring a unique range of experience and expertise to the program. Each year approximately half of the incoming cohort is comprised of international students. The majority of incoming students are returning to academic study after several years of post-baccalaureate work experience, but each year a handful of students join QMSS directly from undergraduate programs. While most students enroll full-time, some students maintain careers or other endeavors, completing the program on a part-time basis in order to apply the skills they acquire through the program directly to their work.

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