Seed Grants We've Funded


PI Department Title Award
Catherine Fennell Anthropology

Ends of the House: Excavating the Waste House in the Late Industrial Urban Midwest

Bruce Western Sociology

A National Solitary Confinement Database

Timothy Frye Political Science

Transparency and the Rule of Law: A Field Experiment in Ukraine

Alessandra Casella Economics/Political Science

Strategic Focus in Games: An Experiment

Michael Best Economics How much of the waste in public procurement in Amazonas, Brazil is because good suppliers don't want to sell to the government? $20,000

Zoe Crossland

Anthropology Ancestral Rice: tracing the development of irrigated riziculture in highland Madagascar $20,000
Nikhar Gaikwad Political Science Does Political Empowerment Improve the Welfare of Urban Migrants? A Field Experiment on Voter Registration $20,000
Tobias Salz Economics Understanding the Structure of Retail Financial Markets Using Administrative Data $15,000
Supreet Kaur Economics Dynamic Complementarities in Education $15,000
Johannes Urpelainen Economics Improving Accountability in Electricity Supply: A Field Experiment in Rural India $15,000
Douglas Almond Economics/SIPA Cap and Trade - China Style $15,000
Francois Gerard Economics Informality, heterogeneity, and unemployment insurance programs over the development process $15,000
Justin Phillips Political Science The State Party Platform Database: A New Approach to Studying Party Competition in American Politics $14,200
Robert Shapiro Political Science Can Comedy Be Convincing? $8,300
Alexander Hertel-Fernandez SIPA How U.S. Employers Mobilize Employees to Change Policy: A Survey of State Legislators $8,590
Andres Drenik Economics Pricing in Multiple Currencies in Domestic Markets and Learning to Price in Retail Markets $15,000
John Marshll Political Science The Keys to Service Delivery $20,000
Gil Eyal Sociology Imprecision: The Politics of Precision Medicine $19,000
Yao Lu Sociology Underemployment and Racial/Ethnic Inequality among College Graduates $13,191
Doulgas Almond Economics/SIPA Randomizing Tips to China's Environmental Inspectors $28,425

Paul Lagunes

SIPA Improving the Incentives of Anticorruption Auditors $15,090
Joshua Whitford Sociology Transforming the City: A pilot study of street-level regulation in building and construction


Hassan Afrouzi Economics Is it the Message or the Messenger? Examining Bias in Immigration Beliefs $29,688
Maria Jose De Abreu Anthropology Laboring in Abstraction: Oil and Return among Portuguese Labor Migrants to Angola $14,970
Naoki Egami Political Science Measuring Support for Diversity in the United States and Japan $29,500
Nikhar Gaikwad Political Science Climate Politics in the Global South $21,410
Réka Juhász Economics Measuring the Policy in Industrial Policy: A Text Mining Approach $30,000
Suresh Naidu SIPA & Economics  Effects of the Expiration of the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation on Consumption, Savings, and Incomes of Workers Evidence from Linked Survey-Transactions Data $15,000
Daniel Corstange Political Science Vaccine Uptake and Forbearance in Lebanon  
Yao Lu  Sociology Prejudices and Discrimination Toward Asians and Hispanics During and After COVID-19 $20,000
Yamil Velez Political Science Assessing the Impact of Community-Centered Ethnic Media on Civic Engagement $35,000
Junyan Jiang Political Science China’s Marketplace of Ideologies $34,500
Jeffrey Shrader SIPA Hair Bias and Perception in STEM Fields $30,550
Douglas Almond Economics & SIPA The Environmental Externalities of Expanding Cryptocurrency Mining in the United States $24,495
Tey Meadow Sociology The Particularization of Identity: Race, Gender, Sexuality $32,250



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