Vendor Management Information

Vendor Management (VM) is a unit within Procurement Services responsible for maintaining the vendor file utilized for Purchasing and Accounts Payable transactions. 

If you are a vendor and need to obtain information as to the status of a payment or for viewing the remittance information for a specific check and/or ACH/Wire transfer, please use the How to Follow Up on Payments page.

View and Update the method for how to receive Accounts Payable (AP) Reimbursements for travel and business expenses, Click here

Vendor Management also creates and modifies profiles for non-vendor payees, including recipients of Prizes & Awards, Refunds, and Honoraria & Grant sub-awards. Click here to set up External Vendor Payee Process in ARC. 

CNR Profiles in ARC:

Supplier IDs with a prefix of CNR were created as part of the implementation for the upcoming Travel and Expense System CONCUR. CNR profiles were created for all existing EMPLOYEE, STUDENT EMPLOYEE and STUDENT profiles in ARC - for Reimbursement Payments ONLY ie TBER vouchers in ARC.

EMPLOYEE and STUDENT EMPLOYEE CNR Vendor/Supplier Profiles in ARC have Direct Deposit/ACH Bank Account Information that was automatically transferred from Payroll (PAC) direct deposit information to ARC. (Note- the AP reimbursement will go to the same ACH account as payroll check).

STUDENT CNR profiles have Direct Deposit /ACH information that was automatically transferred from SSOL.

Note,  The CNR file runs nightly, to bring over the ACTIVE students from SIS (SSOL) - it will only pick up students who are ACTIVE for the CURRENT semester.

What if there’s NO CNR Profile in ARC?

If soomeone doesn’t have a CNR Profile, please reach out to the ISERP Business Office  as to  why they are not Active in the CU PAC Payroll System. You must be ACTIVE in the CU PAC Payroll System to have a CNR Profile ID for Expense Reimbursements.

Why don’t they have a CNR Profile, or Why is the Profile Inactive?

The Student must be registered for the Current or Future semester and they must have a local Address in SSOL in order to be Active in ARC for use. If they need more information, please contact the Student Service Center for investigation.Note, the Student employee will need to be set up as an OutSide Vendor

RETIREES and NYP Employees,will not get a CNR Profile. Both need Vendor Requests to be submitted for them to be set up as Outside Party Vendors/Suppliers for Reimbursement payments.

Note:- You can have multiple addresses in PAC (home, mailing) but in ARC, only one address is allowed for CNR Profiles.

How to locate if someone is an Employee/Student/Outside Party/Supplier?

In ARC, Go to Main Menu>Suppliers>Supplier Information>Add/Update>Supplier>Enter COLUM for the Business Unit>Enter the Supplier Number in the Supplier ID field>Click Search>Click on the Summary Tab to see the nature of Classification.

Where Can I Find An Employee/Student CNR Profile ID for Expense Payments via TBER?

In ARC Navigate to Main Menu>Suppliers>Supplier Information>Add/Update>Review Suppliers>Enter CUSET for the SET ID (on the left) & please enter the Vendor's Name in the Name 1: (section), which will bring up more results. Click Search & Scroll Down to see the CNR Profile ID Number.

Important Notification

The former vendor profiles for EMPLOYEES and STUDENTS were deactivated on 07/09/20 (if you had a voucher in ARC on 07/09/20 that used a non-CNR vendor and it was not yet in workflow, it has now been deleted. If you have a voucher in ARC with a non-CNR vendor and it was submitted to workflow as of 07/09/20, you have until 09/30/20 to process the voucher or it will then be deleted.



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