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Political Methodology Colloquium

Over the last few decades, quantitative political methodology has emerged as a valued subfield of political science. Political methodologists develop statistical and computational approaches to analyze political science data. Our role in the discipline is similar to that of econometricians in economics. The main goal is to develop methods that are motivated by substantive political science questions and that build on and contribute to the broader literature of applied statistics.

The Department of Political Science at Columbia is one of the discipline’s leaders in many areas of political methodology, including the use of field experiments, Bayesian data analysis, panel data analysis, and causal inference. The political methodology colloquium serves as a hub for many faculty members and students who are working on political methodology and applied statistics in general. 

Faculty Sponsor: 

Naoki Egami

Assistant Professor of Political Science


Arnaud Alexandre Maurel

Ph.D. student, Department of Political Science


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