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Workshop on Political Psychology

This Workshop on Political Psychology brings together local political psychologists twice a year to discuss a small number of papers and to talk about political psychology more generally. The workshop provides an opportunity for people with similar intellectual and research interests to present work in progress, talk informally among themselves about developments in the field, discuss common issues of concern, and provide others with potential collaborators.

Themes covered in paper sessions reflect the broad array of interests shared by political psychologists, which include the dynamics of public opinion, the impact of the media on political attitudes, the organization of political beliefs, the role of cognition and affect, political information processing, political socialization, leadership, and international negotiation.

The workshop has been meeting since 1990. The profile of the meeting has grown over the years and now attracts participants and speakers from around the country.

Faculty Sponsor: 

Robert Shapiro

Wallace S. Sayre Professor of Government


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