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Workshops We've Funded

ISERP's most recent workshop awards are:

PI Department Title Award
Rhiannon Stephens History History and Climate Change: Africa, Indigenous & Latin America, South Asia $ 8,882
Naoki Egami Political Science Political Methodology $6,480
Gil Eyal Sociology Sociology of Algorithms $10,000
Nikhar Gaikwad Political Science Climae Change Cooperation $8,300
Sandra Black Economics Diversifying the Social Sciences: The Women in Economics Working Group $10,000
Mae Ngai History Digital Mapping and Discourses of Space and Place $6,250
Brinkely Messick Anthropology Workshop for the Center for the Study of Muslim Societies $10,000
Gregory Mann History Time and Temporality in the African Past $7,000
Tey Meadow Sociology Workshop on the Sociology of Gender and Sexuality $8,000
Alondra Nelson, Shamus Khan Sociology Critical Media and Digital Studies $7,460
Elizabeth Povinelli Anthropology Toxic Sovereignties $10,000
Rhiannon Stephens History Undocumented Stories: Writing Africa and the Americas Across the Disciplines $10,000


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