Directions to ISERP

Directions to the International Affairs Building (IAB)

The International Affairs Building is located at 420 West 118th Street, at the corner of Amsterdam Avenue. The main entrance is on West 118th Street, between Amsterdam Avenue and Morningside Drive. A secondary entrance is on Amsterdam Avenue between West 116th and West 118th Street.

If you are coming from the 1 train at 116th Street, exit the subway and enter the Columbia University campus through the big iron gates. Walk straight through campus along College Walk and exit through another set of iron gates. You are now on Amsterdam Avenue. Cross the street and turn left.

To enter on Amsterdam Avenue, walk half a block and enter through the doors on your right.

To enter on West 118th Street (main entrance), continue past the Amsterdam Avenue entrance to the corner with West 118th Street. Turn right and walk about halfway up the block. Enter through the doors on your right.

Directions to Suite 370, ISERP’s Administrative Offices

From the West 118th Street entrance to IAB (more direct):

Once you enter the building, walk past the elevators and up a short flight of stairs. Take a left at the top of the stairs, and then another left at the hallway. At the end of that hallway, on your left, there are restrooms, an elevator, and a flight of stairs down. Go down one level to the third floor and pass through the wooden door; ISERP's suite is to your left.

From the Amsterdam entrance to IAB:

Turn left once you have entered the building, and then quickly turn right, passing a set of vending machines. Continue down the hall past the courtyard, and turn left before reaching the next set of vending machines. Continue to the end of this hall and turn right. Continue to the end of this hall, and go down one level, either by the stairs or the elevator to your left, to the third floor. Pass through the wooden door. ISERP’s suite is to your left.

Directions to Conference Room 270B

Follow either set of directions above to ISERP’s administrative offices. Once you reach the third floor and pass through the wooden door, turn right and proceed down the flight of stairs to your left.  (The elevator described above may also be taken down directly to the 2nd floor.) Enter through the door to your right at the bottom of the stairs, or, if coming by elevator, straight through the open atrium. Through this door is room 270; the seminar room 270B is immediately to the left of the large display case as you enter the 270 Suite.